Earn A Whopping 40% Commission On Your Referrals!

Join our Partner Program and Earn HUGE COMMISSIONS on the Back End!

Our HoTroCovid Partner Program is for the more advanced business owners who have a database of customers who qualify for our services.

Our partner program pays up to 40% commission for referrals on the back end. That means more money in your pocket per referral.

You MUST have a database of at least 100 qualified leads to participate in our partner program.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Fill out the partner application.

Step 2: Send us a minimum of 100 pre-qualified leads from your database of existing leads and customers.

Step 3: Earn a 25% commission on the back end sales volume for the first 5 deals.  Earn 40% commission on all additional deals.

NOTE: We do not pay commissions on the $350 retainer fee we charge clients upfront.  This fee is strictly used for processing client applications with the IRS. You will, however, receive up to 40% commissions on all back end volume.


Affiliate Partner Application

After submitting your application a member of our referral team will be in touch to go over the final steps in sending your database of leads to us.